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A list of organizations that need crowdsourced volunteering. I would like to engage myself and my students with worthy causes.

I am an English teacher by luck. I am interested in helping the world through technology. I am interested in growing the global community.
I am interested in helping my students get more practice and work experience in English. I have over 400 students each term.

  • Nov 27 2012: What about Ernestos new Ted Talk? That impressed me. How and why do your students want to learn English?
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    Nov 26 2012: You could look at the UN Online Volunteering program, though I don't think they could in any way accomodate that many kids. Organizations that list there tend to need help but don't want to get into lots of supervision and quality control.

    Wikipedia uses online volunteers.

    There is an organization online valled Volunteer Match that lists volunteering opportunities. You may be able to check a box to say you are looking for online opportunities.

    Have you done an internet search for "online volunteering?"