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Contingency Plan

If we reach a point of no return, environmentally, making it nearly uninhabitable for humans to live on Earth, does any nation(s) have an official contingency plan(s)?


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    Nov 26 2012: I would strongly guess that maybe many nations have ideas but, none have set aside funding for such an event as most politicians are always dealing with yesterday's problems and today's crisis. How often would you expect a politician to actually plan ahead for the future. Also, if you think of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs then I would suggest that if the citizens needs are truly being met and the politician has the free time and energy to focus on tomorrows possible issues then they would undoubtedly be in a nation with a high quality of life and wish to see themselves prosper in their current environment. I would say that those without the resources for yesterday and today would feel more likely to want to make a contingency plan. However, if you cannot deal with the responsibilities of past and present what makes you think that they can be responsible for tomorrow ?

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