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Will there still be humans on this planet a million years from now?

I keep mulling around in my mind the question of whether or not the human species is evolutionarily viable on the long term. There seem to be a lot of pros and cons, but to me it looks as though the jury is still out.

The secondary questions are:
1. If we are still here in a million years, what will be different about us? What parameters will permit us to succeed.
2. If not, what will lead to our downfall, and what parameters in the human species will have hindered our continued survival?


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    Dec 4 2012: In other words, we need to stop and realize that there are just things that are NOT within our power!! Yes, we should act responsibly, conserve to a point in all ways, be frugal and aware of the "costs" of things, not be wasteful and wanton in our actions and ways of living -- that just makes sense universally!!

    We are NOT the highest on the intelligence scale of beings in this universe, I would bet on that!! And we need to realize how small we actually are, yet how integral a part we have in all things at the same time!! There is a pattern to ALL THINGS.... Just look to sacred geometry, fibonnaci sequence, golden spiral, quantum mechanics, math, music, the phases of the moon, the tides, planting seasons, the miracle of life/birth, the Bible and that is proven!!!

    How different might things be if instead of being bullyish and arrogant and thinking we know it all, we understood, respected and lived within the discipline of those divine patterns??? That is an amazing thought as far as I am concerned and I believe we will (or some of us anyway) finally get it and have the opportunity to do just that!

    But only after the Creator of all finally shows us how little and insignificant we really are when we refuse to give credit where it is due.... and in the midst of it all destroys this planet as we know it HIMSELF and in doing so wipes away Ego and Self and Pride, Jealousy, Lies and Meanspiritedness and Greed, Lust, Rage and Hate away with it!!!! And then as only HE can, recreates this place to sustain us for eternity in everyway we could possible need or want and allows us the chance to enjoy it fully once we can finally truly appreciate and honor it!!

    May sound hokey to some of you, but as I stated before, it is the ONLY THING that makes perfect sense to me (and many others too)! :) So, Steven, a million years from today.... There is a good chance that we will be "here" under those circumstances!! Maybe I'll even see ya there.... :) Hope so!!
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      Dec 4 2012: Thanks for your contribution, Bren,

      I see you find sustenance for your optimism in your religious convictions, and gather that you are Christian. Even through I am an agnostic, I find that conviction which leads us nearer the truth, is beneficial for humankind.

      I am skeptical to viewing religious scriptures as the “word of god” simply because the only thing we know as objective fact is that all religious scriptures were handed down from human to human, and that historically we find both the worst and the best sides of humanity framed in reference to deep faith in one set of scriptures or another.

      What gives me my greatest hope for the future is the tendency for humankind to continually pursue a greater understanding of the Universe and our place within it. What counteracts that optimism is the vast human conservative inertia that inhibits our ability to live in accordance with our expanding understanding.

      As I see it, you will just as often find religious conviction on either side of that equasion.

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