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How do we really solve the problems of hunger and poverty in the World?

We know we have the resources and the technology to solve many of the worlds problems, the question is how do we do that? Not, how do we talk about it and come up with good and credible ideas, but how do we really put them into practice? Hunger and poverty are two issues which we know in truth we could solve but it seems that the worlds leader are lost to other things, if that is the case how do we move forward?


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    Mar 29 2011: if there were no money, how many people in africa would die of AIDS for not having money to buy it ?

    no but seriously poverty is the effect of money. As long as we have the economical system that we have today there will be poverty.

    If we would skip the money and divide all resources to all countries in the world we wouldn't need poverty to be rich, because everybody would be rich right?

    For one person to get the X-% profit from their 10 million dollars on the bank, 100s of people need to have 1hundred thousand dollars in lone with a x-% interest.

    In other words. The economic system today takes money from the poor and gives to the rich.

    and if that doesn't make the poverty grow i dont know what does.....

    This may just be my way of thiniking but something tells me im not alone on this world with this kind of thinking.

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