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Porn's effects on women users


I was directed here from the above listed TEDX talk. The Great Porn Experiment, which is in fact a response to this TED talk.

There's a lot of talk about how internet porn affect men, who are the majority users, I'm curious if there are any studies (and hopefully talks) about effect on women users. I know how porn have effects on porn actresses, but I'm asking about effect on how porn affect women who watches porn.

Or perhaps there's no effect, or social effect for that matter, since the number is too insignificant to have a study done to it. But women do represent half of humanity, and I'm sure such a study would present some interesting insights to how porn affect human, and not just men.

What do you think/know about this topic?


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    Nov 26 2012: I don't think any woman will comment as it is the stigma that is associated with actually commenting on it that might invite unwanted attention and the possible catching of odious vapours. In short if you were a woman asking this Q then i think the ladies will respond, Porn is a private issue for most people, an aid or an accentuation for a couple, we are still coming to grips with just how massive it is on the net and the dominance of the male half of it over it. It would be good to see some thoughtful responses.
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      Nov 26 2012: Carl Men's profile does not disclose a gender. Therefore 'she' could be seen as 'Carlita Mendelez' to open the 'female world' to this question ... ;o)

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