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Why can't I enjoy freedom? Because I am Chinese.

the chinese goverment cut down the line to the outside .it is a tragic as a chinese because i do not have freedom,how can i get through with others


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    Nov 25 2012: Hello Kaiwen,

    I am a bit confused by your question and not certain if I understand you right.

    If 'the chinese goverment cut down the line to the outside' how did you manage to post your question here on TED to 'get through with others'?

    Are you located in China or did you write this from outside?

    Maybe you can help to clarify my understanding. Thank you.
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      Nov 25 2012: i think he/she is traveling or using another method to connect to the world
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        Nov 25 2012: That could be. Still it would help to know about the given circumstances to answer his/hers question in that context.

        I simply don't know how deep Chinese censorship penetrates.
        • Nov 26 2012: if you are in a democratic country you can not image it.
        • Dec 9 2012: I'm in China right now. The censorship is really obnoxious. The obvious websites, like Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter are all blocked, but sometimes you can't use Google, and CNN pages won't load. I haven't tried any other news pages, but I've been told that it's more or less the same.

          I have a VPN now, and I can chat with family and friends back home. Last year I didn't have one, and it was annoying on a level that's really impossible to understand if you're from a country that does not have this kind of censorship.
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        Dec 9 2012: @ Jesse Buell

        Even though my country, Germany, isn't blocking websites I think it is not to difficult to imagine how the internet would be, if all major websites of foreign news channels would be blocked. It would be a desaster for me, as the best news I can get even about my own country is the news from abroad.

        Any media is biased, that's the way it just is. So to get the best possible view on my nation, I usually look on different sites in the USA, the UK, France, Russia and others, because their view is different to the media in Germany, just by its nature.

        So if this would not be possible anymore due to censorship, my view would certainly narrow down to become nothing but blurry and uncertain.

        I like to hear independent voices from different sources, so that my view clears up, and my understanding gets more broad in detail and opinions.

        That's why censorship is evil, in general, and regardles the name of the country which is doing it!
    • Dec 8 2012: "cut down the line to the outside"? That's the DPRK's method of censorship. Costly. Ineffective. Easy to cause resent. No, it's not how censorship works in China, if you just take it literally.
      Actually, there's an interesting TED talk which I think best illustrate the condition here in China.


      So censorship in China is not that horrible anyway... As is mentioned in the talk, you can always bypass censorship and voice you opinion by using all these wonderful tricks invented by creative Chinese netizens. I should also like to add that it's even easier to get information from the outside, namely, you just grab a decent VPN at a cost of a few bucks a month (There's actually commercial sites specially dedicated to this purpose, both abroad and, most amazingly, in Mainland China. I guess the government figured out that if you're clever enough to consider a VPN, there will virtually be no means to stop you, so why not just let'm make that purchase and make some contributions to GDP?)
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        Dec 8 2012: 'So censorship in China is not that horrible anyway...'

        If internet censorship in China is not 'that horrible' and as easy to bypass as you said, what do you think is the reason for its existence?

        To me, censorship in any country, mine included, is one of the worst mechanism of 'mind control' a government can inflict on its citizens. Someone decides what is 'allowed' and what not. Who is this someone? A higher spiritual being knowing the real truth? Whatever these censor think they are, they are not and it is about time, that China and all other censorship countries start to act accordingly.

        It might be fun to bypass and to outsmart internet censorship, especially for generations who are 'digitally literate' enough to do so, yet this does not compensate the fact for censorship to exist in the first place. It is like speed limits on the highway. We all drive faster than the signs are telling us, but when the police get's us, we have to pay...

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