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Why can't I enjoy freedom? Because I am Chinese.

the chinese goverment cut down the line to the outside .it is a tragic as a chinese because i do not have freedom,how can i get through with others


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  • Dec 8 2012: I am attracted by the title of this topic. It's good to hear Chinese voice in the international Internet community. The criticism to Chinese government maybe overstrong, but it serves as a warning and the sign of dissactisfaction or even resentment among the people in the nation. But freedom is a too broad issue and covers too many areas. Besides, there are still many nations in the world enjoy less freedom than China. You can also say, why can't I enjoy freedom? Because I am a North Korean... As for countries in Mid-East, the freedom can never be ensured since the state is chaotic. When mentioned of the revolution in Egypt, their freedom is even less than Chinese, the decision power is still in the hands of military ditactors.
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      Dec 8 2012: I'm sure no two issues are of equal importance, but the systems are both different and both can be criticized, then improved upon. The way in which improvement is implemented after the critique is based entirely on the boundaries which the system of anything is drawn. In the case of dissenters of a government, it seems to be public awareness and/or public demonstration, but the extreme would be an abolishment or take down of the current government. If there was dialogue between the government and the people, then I don't see how such a high level of dissent would arise, but I don't really know the level of dissent, so I will add that this is just someones opinion and it wouldn't affect anyone if it weren't based on some type of reality in the first place, right?
      • Dec 9 2012: No, the level of dissent is not that high as you perceived.
        By the way, I've checked out the link you left below about the different ways of Eastern and Western education, it's really very very interesting.
        I love the point that it talks about the intelligence and struggle taught to kids in different cultures. Western children are taught to due their success to their own intelligence, while the Asian kids are taught to concern about struggle. I never realize the differences in such light before.
        But it doesn't judge a culture as good or bad by these differences, so you can't say eastern education produces students of low creativity just based on this.

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