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Why can't I enjoy freedom? Because I am Chinese.

the chinese goverment cut down the line to the outside .it is a tragic as a chinese because i do not have freedom,how can i get through with others


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  • Tom HU

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    Nov 29 2012: I am a Chinese, I love my country, but as I think, you feel it's a tragic because you are a Chinese? So why don't you move out of China. I know you don't like the Communist Party, but is this the reason you hate your own country? I only feel naive after I read your question. You have confused the concepts between country and government. I don't like the current Chinese government neither, but I still hold my faith that China will become better and better, not create hates. By the way, I think we can access many foreign websites, the truth is not so serious as you said. It's indeed a pity that we don't have the same extent of freedom as these Americans have, and we can do nothing to change this. But it's not a problem for me to keep love my country. Because I got birth in China, I grow up in China.
    • Dec 1 2012: 不同的人想法不可能一样,我尊重你的观点,你可能误解了我的想法,我只是想跟更多人交换对自由的看法。

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