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If one's reasoning is not based on love, one is more likely to make wrong choices than right ones.

We've got the best of us, we've got the worst of us; and we've got everything in-between.
I have not seen any human society that sees love as a vice. There have been debates about who should be the first object or subject of our love; and we argue about priorities and preferences about love; some hold on to ancient wisdom, some would think wisdom is as new as fancy gadgets.
Love is desirable; we seek it and give it, and we proclaim it without shame.
If no voice is strong enough to smother the glory of love, could we be right to say that love is the ultimate guide?


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    Nov 27 2012: Hello Feyisayo, personally I think that love, all by itself is nothing, except if it is formed by wisdom. We can love to do something, but if there is no knowledge as to how, nothing is going to get done. This is the case when either is missing.

    Love I think motivates us and wisdom tells us how.

    Swedenborg says we are all born with four loves. The love of self, love of the world, love of the neighbour and the love of God. In fact, in that order.

    The object of our whole life is to reverse that order. As you say, some are better in achieving that than others.
    If you don't mind I'd like to leave a link to a book that deals with love from one end to the other. From Divine Love (and Wisdom) all the way down to our love of self. I hope this helps.

    BTW you may know several instances in the Bible where a first-born is made less important than the second one. (Jacob and Esau and Joseph's sons) That is to portray the relationship between love and wisdom and/or charity and faith. The one that comes first is like the learning stage, the next is the application, the use.
    In simple terms. Getting a drivers license comes first but being a good/save and useful driver is most important. Faith may come first as to what is regarded as good and evil, but living a life based on (whatever) faith is most important.

    So yes, love is most important because it is our drive, and thus also, we are what we love, not what we know.
    • Nov 27 2012: I love your conclusion 'we are what we love'.
      Thanks very much for your contribution.
    • Nov 27 2012: I love your conclusion 'we are what we love'.
      Thanks very much for your contribution.

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