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If one's reasoning is not based on love, one is more likely to make wrong choices than right ones.

We've got the best of us, we've got the worst of us; and we've got everything in-between.
I have not seen any human society that sees love as a vice. There have been debates about who should be the first object or subject of our love; and we argue about priorities and preferences about love; some hold on to ancient wisdom, some would think wisdom is as new as fancy gadgets.
Love is desirable; we seek it and give it, and we proclaim it without shame.
If no voice is strong enough to smother the glory of love, could we be right to say that love is the ultimate guide?


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  • Nov 26 2012: It isn't up to any of us to determine right and wrong.
    Our purpose, so-to-speak, is to reveal love to one another, or to love.....
    one another. That love will vary greatly but it will be love when
    one opens their heart.

    Usually, if one is really present and aware, they can feel their heart close around certain people, certain situations,
    and certain ideas. That is judgment. That is fear. That is not love.

    Ever see a beggar up ahead of you and begin the reasoning in your head as to why you cannot give them money today?
    If you really focus, you can feel your heart closing. So at least look them squarely in the eye, make contact, and let them know they exist and that you saw them. Do you? Or do you pass by and feel relieved?

    "In all the places we were hiding love, what was it, we were thinking of?" Peter Gabriel

    That's what we do. We withhold love, the one thing we are supposed to give no matter what.
    No matter what we think.
    If we believe in love, then why don't we really trust love?

    Foolish to believe in something that one doesn't really trust.
    And if one trusts it, then there is no reason to worry about whether the situation, the person or the idea was right for love. If love is everything many think it is, and can do all that many think it can do, then the only choice, is to love.

    That's a belief.

    That is trusting in what one believes.
    That means acting on what one believes, with abandon.

    For many, love is like pain. It's relative. A very close relative, and we only give it and show it to those who are relative to us in some way.

    Or, love is just wishful thinking.
    I don't do very well on this myself, at least in thought, sometimes words, but in action, I'm pretty good.
    But I still feel my heart close at times when I don't want it to.
    I have listened to and fallen prey to my thinking, not my heart.

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