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If one's reasoning is not based on love, one is more likely to make wrong choices than right ones.

We've got the best of us, we've got the worst of us; and we've got everything in-between.
I have not seen any human society that sees love as a vice. There have been debates about who should be the first object or subject of our love; and we argue about priorities and preferences about love; some hold on to ancient wisdom, some would think wisdom is as new as fancy gadgets.
Love is desirable; we seek it and give it, and we proclaim it without shame.
If no voice is strong enough to smother the glory of love, could we be right to say that love is the ultimate guide?


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  • Nov 26 2012: Simply brilliant! Feyisayo :)
    I love your idea.
    And I don't want anyone to take your concept of 'love' the wrong way. It's not just about romance or emotional feelings, right?
    Btw, there's a moral dilemma I've struggled with.
    I think many people would know the same story. Provided that your beloved sister or brother is in danger and she/he needs your help desperately—it's got to be only you inevitably. And at the same time, some stranger you've never met is also in danger. At that moment, you can only save one person. What would you do? And what should you do?
    Honestly, if I were the person who's in charge of saving their lives, I'd eventually save my sister or brother first. And I’d feel guilty for not saving that stranger even though I had no choice at that time.

    Cuz I love her(sister)/him(brother) so much. On the other hand, as for that stranger whose life is also at stake, I don't personally love him but I have a duty to help him as a human being and I want save him—maybe out of love(for humankind..?).
    The problem is whether it’s right or not that our personal attachments(or love) to our family members or friends trump any other thing—in this case, saving others’ lives.
    Would I be right to save my brother? If not, what should I do instead?

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