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Is the world Super-deterministic or not?

If there was empirical evidence that showed that the world was indeed "Super-deterministic" (as defined by physicist John S Bell) thus void of free will, would you accept the evidence based on its validity or reject the evidence outright and why?

How significant would the ramifications of such knowledge affect science, philosophy, and theology?

See evidence at: http://temptdestiny.com and at: http://temptdestiny.com/science.html


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    Dec 1 2012: (Cause)->Effect->(Cause->Effect)
    Cause is assumed so effect causes effect
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      Dec 1 2012: Now we are getting somewhere. Which causal agent are you basing your assumption on? Evidence shows causality is a dichotomy, it s not a singularity. If you assume causality is a singular agent then you can only assume everything is a probability for effects causing effects is paradoxical.
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        Dec 11 2012: Evidence does NOT show that causality is a dichotomy rather than a singularity. What evidence are you referring to?

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