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Is the world Super-deterministic or not?

If there was empirical evidence that showed that the world was indeed "Super-deterministic" (as defined by physicist John S Bell) thus void of free will, would you accept the evidence based on its validity or reject the evidence outright and why?

How significant would the ramifications of such knowledge affect science, philosophy, and theology?

See evidence at: http://temptdestiny.com and at: http://temptdestiny.com/science.html


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    Nov 30 2012: I feel like your not reading the stuff you say or what i say, could you please restate what you just said..
    Cause and effect turning you head is the effect of your brain sending nerve signals from you head to the hand. Your neck turning is an effect.
    • Dec 1 2012: A selection is made in your mind (thought) which sets off a series of physical events that instructs the body to move the head. See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veqkUUOlLLE
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        Dec 1 2012: yes, that is what i said, and I still think you have no idea what I am saying
        • Dec 1 2012: What exactly do you mean by "yes, that is what i said"? From your comments it appears your understanding of causality is based on effects causing effects instead of selection, which is causal, causing effects. Please clarify.
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        Dec 11 2012: I watched the video, and saw the gaps in logic incorporated into it.

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