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In what ways may disagreement aid the pursuit of knowledge in the natural and human sciences?

I believe that disagreement between individuals is a key factor that unravels more complete knowledge about everything. We all definitely have blind spots, and the different views of people may help us in achieving greater knowledge. Despite disagreement can become somewhat out of control, the conclusions achieved are definitely worth it. I'm interested in knowing where disagreement between different theories in natural and human sciences helped in gaining knowledge.


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  • Dec 2 2012: SO yes a good disagreement could be the whole creationism disagreement ...many people disagreedor coulsdnt accept that the world was created by an omnipotent god....this spurred scientists and theorists to create popular theories such as the discovery of evolution and big bang theory and creationsim etc ..........however i cannot find for human sciences please if anyone can help :(
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      Dec 2 2012: Why don't you pick an idea in economics, psychology, or behavioral science and do an internet search for "theories about ____?"

      I am almost certain in an IB program they want you to do your own research of this kind rather than just asking others to do that thinking for you.
      • Dec 4 2012: haha ur right im just trying all options trust me im doing my research as well ...i just wanted to see if anyone could give some pointers or any opinions on the matter!!

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