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In what ways may disagreement aid the pursuit of knowledge in the natural and human sciences?

I believe that disagreement between individuals is a key factor that unravels more complete knowledge about everything. We all definitely have blind spots, and the different views of people may help us in achieving greater knowledge. Despite disagreement can become somewhat out of control, the conclusions achieved are definitely worth it. I'm interested in knowing where disagreement between different theories in natural and human sciences helped in gaining knowledge.


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    Nov 26 2012: I agree that it is useful to engage with thoughtful people who have a different perspective because of different knowledge and life experiences. People have access to different evidence and see different things in bodies of evidence.

    In science, different scientists may examine how well the same body of data supports different theories, but also different scientists may test a single theory using different bodies of data. Both practices serve either to strengthen their findings if the different approaches converge on the same result or to weaken the conclusion if the different approaches yield different results. Either way, different angles advance understanding.

    Comparing notes will also make it more likely that we find our mistakes or perhaps bring to light biases we had not recognized in ourselves.
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      Nov 26 2012: If you don't mind Can you please give some examples where disagreement aid knowledge in natural and human sciences.
      • Nov 26 2012: Well, right now, I can't specifically come up with any of examples, but I believe, sooner or later, we'll see lots of examples 'where disagreement aid knowledge in natural and human sciences' on TED conversations or TED debates. TED is a great place where we can foster that kind of environment.
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        Nov 26 2012: I am guessing this might be a project for school? What have you found by an internet search?
        • Dec 2 2012: yes it is this whole question if for an essay for the IB programme ...the subject is Theory of Knowledge .....thisis one fo the 6 questions world wide which must be chosen to do by all IB students ....this coversation was actually quite handy seeing different views ....however i am struggling to find an example for how disagreements help in the human sciences!!! I have found for natural sciences but am stuck with subjects such as economics and psychology!!!

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