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In what ways may disagreement aid the pursuit of knowledge in the natural and human sciences?

I believe that disagreement between individuals is a key factor that unravels more complete knowledge about everything. We all definitely have blind spots, and the different views of people may help us in achieving greater knowledge. Despite disagreement can become somewhat out of control, the conclusions achieved are definitely worth it. I'm interested in knowing where disagreement between different theories in natural and human sciences helped in gaining knowledge.


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  • Nov 26 2012: When people argue about knowledge or related things, they may allow themselves to fill in the blanks from each others pools of knowledge. An easy example I know of is there are two ponds, and each can hold a certain number of fish. Say these fish represent knowledge. By themselves, the ponds may only sustain 10 fish each. However, a windstorm blows over the ponds, combining them into one larger pond that can hold 20 fish happily. This is the idea behind the fact that arguments often build knowledge. I hope this helps

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