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Why did humans invent sports and why do so many people love watching and playing competitive sports games?

I'm not asking why certain individuals are attracted to sports. Obviously people find it exciting, thrilling, entertaining etc. My question is why do people find it to be so exhilarating?? Why is it exciting? Why is it entertaining? Why do athletes enjoy sports so much? Is it simply the sublimation of our evolutionary drives in a way that is accepted by society? What are the psychological, historical, scientific, etc. reasons for us creating and participating in competitive sports?

Also, how do you think we can use the popularity of sports to make the world a better place?


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    Nov 30 2012: Historical reasons for 'inventing sports' probably won't be easy to find. Games develop randomly. Let's say you are in a forest, and you pick up a rock. Your friend says 'lets try throwing the rock at that tree'. A game has been 'invented'. It is a way to challenge ourselves, to gain new skills, to have fun, to be social, and the competition part of it seems to snow ball.

    The popularity of sports does make the world a better place, the Olympics for example. It is a great way to have nations come together and revel in our similarities and differences.

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