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How do we reduce business costs to allow creative companies to emerge?

Recently there was a TED conversation on expressing creativity and one of the posts on that conversation got me thinking --Creativity in business appears to be incredibly difficult these days, so what can we do to rectify that issue?

To explain further:
Myself and many around me (both owners of companies and on the path to ownsership) have a series of business ideas, products, themes and/or services which can be considered to be quite novel/unusual/nostalgic/entertaining/fun-oriented etc etc, and I'm sure there are plenty of others even in the local area that have ideas of their own aswell.

However, when I look around my local cities, this is what I find:
£Stores, loan offices, gambling stores, large-franchized companies...and thats about it. Theres a reason for this (I suspect)..

Inorder to open/test such a business Idea, this is the obligation...
-12 Months lease of the store (at the least) averaging at £9,000-35,000
-Business rates at £3000-13,000
-Utilities at £1000-3500 per year
-Design, shelving, stock, store sign, counter etc etc
-Loan to cover > Monthly payments > 10-15% interest rates

As we can see, Simply the idea of attempting a company and/or maintaining one generates such a sheer financial burdern, that the company is obligated to be financially-oriented and that failure can generate bankruptcy.

In essence = A company must be financially focused above all else and the company must be something with suitable levels of evidence that the company will work (= Creativity has to be pushed aside or removed completely)

So in conclusion, I would like some answers and discussion on how we can get around or change such problems.

Have you experienced this first hand?
Is your city positively different?
Do you know of a way to change this issue?

Let us know.

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    Nov 25 2012: That is a tough problem because for the last 10-15 yr or so retail has changed toward one chain taking over the entire country. Every city has the exact same stores. It seems there are mom pop or a nation wide chain. It did not used to be that way.

    Maybe start with a kiosk inside of a mall. Or a Kiosk inside of another store. A pop up store. An online store to prove the concept.
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    Nov 25 2012: Creativity is about passion; but some of us do not have the patient of the ancients.

    "As long as the earth remains, seed-time and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease."
    (The Holy Bible- Genesis 8:22)
  • Nov 25 2012: Do you really believe that the big boys really want what you want and even want you around? I believe that you are assuming what you are trying to prove. Maybe the wuestion should be about fostering creativity rather than taxes. Don't assume most people are Promethians (Keirsey's book on Meyers-Biggs) In fact not many are. Look at your fellow Brit's books Nicholas Boothman's NLP books. Most managers are obsessed with being important or powerful. What a shame.