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What do you think of merit-based pay for teachers?

I don't know if the question is still relevant, I haven't followed it until recently but I heard it was quiet a debate at the Presidential election and wanted to know what he TED community thought of this.
Is merit-based pay for teachers a good idea... There are a lot of pros and cons about the topic: Will it help the education of the students (the main goal of the would-be arrangement)? Will the amount of teachers have a positive boost? Will it make the teachers too competitive, lessening the cooperation between them?

Please write your ideas.

(English is not my first language so excuse the grammatical errors and easy language)


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    Dec 1 2012: Teachers should be paid well enough to live a comfortable life. Education is the responsibility of the family and unfortunately most families do not realize this fact. Parents do not have to be well educated to be involved in their child's education. They only have to be concerned and involved. The public and legal structure of the education system should be structured to enforce this idea.

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