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Is Paul Cadden the most talented artist alive today?

Hyper-realistic art that blows me away. I can't get my head around this man's genius, but I don't know anything about art. So, I'll "ask the audience" via TED.


Closing Statement from Chick Morgan

Input recieved and appreciated. "Eye of the beholder"..........

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  • Nov 25 2012: I hear you, Lejan, but have you seen the guy's work? Beyond amazing !
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      Nov 30 2012: I was close not to hear you this time, Chick, because if you are not using the 'Reply' option on someones comment, he/she - in my case me - is not getting any email notification on your response.

      Ok, I looked at his work, I admire his patience and skills, I could not do it myself but his 'art' doesn't touch me. Sorry... :o(

      As much as I know about art he is a 'photo realistic' painter or illustrator, whatever technique he is using. Nevertheless it did not get me at all, as I have not even the slightest desire to know more about this person and any of his other art which I did not see so far.

      No resonance, no 'Beyond amazing!' But I am happy for you that you are amazed by him. Simply enjoy! ;o)

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