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A Proposes Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: People to People...

It's clear that the ordinary peoples both of Israel and Palestine desire only a peaceful life. Yet their political leaders feel obligated to defend the perceived, respective pride of their constituents. What if an Israeli citizen were to draft up a peoples' proposition to the Palestinians, bypassing their respective leaders?

This proposition would sound, in deep and sincere tones, the aspiration of the Israeli people for peace. It would call the Palestinians to take control of their supposed "leaders" who are launching missiles from populated areas having children and families, knowing that Israel will have to retaliate and using its own people for international political leverage. It would challenge the Palestinian people to call such leaders "enemies within" and urge them to let their peace-loving, moderate majority take their voice.

But here's the hitch. If the Palestinians refuse to take charge of their rogue leaders for the sake of securing peace, the proposal will give notice that the Israeli people will urge their military that since peace is impossible, to go all out and take all the historical lands of Israel. The Palestinians will then be obliged to live under Israeli sovereignty.

For if peace is impossible, why not go all out for integrity as a nation?


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  • Nov 27 2012: Israel and Palestine are a very delicate topic globally because the fate of Palestine determines how the Middle East interacts with the world. Not too long ago Israel was in a war with a majority of Arab and Persian countries ,some countries given were only expressing dislike of a Jewish neighbor, but still this issue is deeply concerning to all neighbors of Israel. Palestine resisting Israel’s advances through less then honorable methods has in the past been the go to action supported by surrounding countries, but if Palestine was to be gobbled up by Israel the global impact would be catastrophic. Middle Eastern countries would see the end of Palestine as a move against all countries and would rally many globally to act legally and in means less than legal. I agree that both Palestine and Israel need to come to an agreement over land, but over the years the existence of Palestine and the struggle of the people have led to amazing advances in diplomatic relations between some Arab countries and Israel. I would maintain that we give more time to this situation because forcing change too quickly will only cause chaos and dishearten relations that can lead to a better solution.

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