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Global Virtual TEDxYouthSummit

In April, 2012 nearly 700 TEDx Organizers from around the world gathered for a TEDx Summit in Doha, Qatar. There we:
1. Recognized that our collective was bigger than any one of our separate local events. Is this a global social movement worth spreading?
2. Connected in countless ways.
3. Launched new initiatives.
4. Access personally to TED Staff.
5. Xperienced life-changing ideas.
6. TED event produced just for us.
7. Were infused with TED culture/values/mission of radical openness.
8. Shared our individual challenges.
9. Celebrated our wins with other organizers.
10. Put faces with posts.

Could we organize a Global TEDxYouthSummit to impact TEDxYouth organizers in similar ways?

Many TEDxYouth organizers are either too young to attend a TED event in person or lack resources to travel to one location from all points around the globe.

The idea would be to find a way to connect these digital natives via some sort of virtual hangout. Think Mashable meets Eric Whiteacre's Global virtual choir online live meets DARPA meets Second Life meets personal TV meets Google+hangouts with breakout sessions in smaller groups of 10 meets gamification.

We could view a TEDxYouth simulcast designed for TEDxYouth organizers.

Who could take this on?
What platforms might fit this idea?
When would be an ideal time to convene?
What impact could this have for organizers?
Does this work within TED's overall strategy?
Who beyond TEDxYouth organizers could this benefit?

From the Summit:
TEDxYouth Day:
From TED Global 2013:
TED Fellows to include: Catarina Mota TED Fellow 2012,
TEDxYouth organized by TED staff:

Google doc: https://docs.google.com/demo/edit?id=scADCrjAPffDkNAiCdWFQdLZ8&dt=document#document

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    Nov 28 2012: First seems like some sort of a platform that might accomodate hundreds simultaneously virtually and globally, with the ability to breakout into smaller groups could be a starting point.
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    Nov 24 2012: If you can organize it It would be great.
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    Nov 23 2012: TEDxYouth organizer shouts, "Organizing a TEDxYouth event is one of the coolest things that has happened to me in my short life of sixteen years. I think I can sum all of it in one phrase - Being alive."