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Why does the American government meddle in everything?

Arrogance and ambition prevents healthy thinking... people have died because of the American government's ambition... however humanity is still silent.

Is there a solution for this?


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  • Nov 30 2012: I would like to expand on what Feyisayo brought up. I am not yet convinced that the United States is as much of a meddler as it's been made out to be in this forum. To be clear: I do realize that the US is involved in many foreign affairs, and my personal opinion is that we're involved in too many. However, I'm not sure that all of these should be called meddling. It seems to me that this discussion was set up with too many preconceptions, such as the assumption that the US government is arrogant and ambitious in its foreign policy. I would very much like someone to present this argument too me, as that is what this entire discussion seems to be based on.

    Secondly, a quick response to Zman. Some of those 900 military bases you mention are in Germany, but that's not to say we're meddling in Germany, or at least not in the way discussed here. We have military bases in most of the countries in the world, but the vast majority of those are of mutual consent. A very small minority are actually used for combat or other actions that might be seen as meddling. For example, we have a base in Germany that is used virtually only for emergency medical treatment of American and allied personnel in need of immediate advanced medical care who don't have time to be removed to the nation they're serving.

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