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Why does the American government meddle in everything?

Arrogance and ambition prevents healthy thinking... people have died because of the American government's ambition... however humanity is still silent.

Is there a solution for this?


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    Nov 27 2012: In WW2 the US was the only major economy that didn't get blown to pieces as there was no military action against the mainland. This left the US as the only country in a position to rebuild its military post war. This meant that every time there was a perceived need for intervention or a need for troop deployment everyone looked to the US. They gradually became the "world police". Now they just can't break the habit. They're like those people who love to help but get carried away and just take over.
    • Nov 28 2012: America was isolationist going into WW2 - the world waited forever for us to "meddle". We did not "meddle" until we were attacked - the world rejoiced.
      Fast Forward and we see what most view as needless meddling in Vietnam and Iraq (2nd war). Vietnam led to stagflation of the 70's and Iraq ballooned our federal deficit. The pendulum is swinging the other way so be careful - you may get what you wish for - a US that is isolationist and does not "meddle".
      • Nov 29 2012: As a USA citizen, I would like us to meddle less, and more wisely. If our resources had not been tied up in the Middle East we might have been able to do something about the genocide in Rwanda.
        • Nov 29 2012: An intervention in Rwanda would just have led to a quagmire like those in Iraq (except the Kurdish region) and Afghanistan. There was a time when politicians understood this and that's why Iraq wasn't occupied in 1991 and why Rwanda wasn't invaded in 1994. When there is no credible group in the country in question that can bring stability and progress and at the same time there are neighboring countries who have an interest in preventing stability and progress in the country in question then it's a lost cause and it'd be better to spend your resources helping people in other, more promising countries or even at home.

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