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Why does the American government meddle in everything?

Arrogance and ambition prevents healthy thinking... people have died because of the American government's ambition... however humanity is still silent.

Is there a solution for this?


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    Nov 27 2012: Interesting question coming from someone living in what is the last vestige of one of the largest empires of the region less than a hundred years gone..... Thus -

    "actually I wanted to talk about deaths in iraq, afgahanistan, palestine..."...
    you used this phrase to encapsulate your question with some clarity so I invite you to seek the history of Palestine, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan before using current events to cast aspersions on American "meddling".

    In fact I invite everyone to step back and review our collective histories even outside these regions to gain some perspective beyond just the adult portion of your own lives.

    This might be a good starting point -

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