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Why does the American government meddle in everything?

Arrogance and ambition prevents healthy thinking... people have died because of the American government's ambition... however humanity is still silent.

Is there a solution for this?


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    Nov 24 2012: What has the government meddled in that affected you directly, for example, in Ankara, or in Turkey? Why did you start this question, what did you have in mind?
    • Nov 24 2012: I think it's a very valid question, and as a non-American living in America, i've been thinking the exact same thing.

      Why does the US "meddle"? Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Korea, Vietnam....
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        Nov 24 2012: Israel is a friend of America. We help our friends. Iraq was held hostage by a savage, maniac dictator who needed to be put out of a job. Afghanistan and Pakistan both harbor and aid the enemies of America which makes them strategic players. Korea and Viet Nam asked for help in the past to avoid the malignancy of Communism as it reached toward its goal of world domination. America "meddles" in the affairs of those who want, and need, her might and power to survive against those who would crush them under totalitarian rule. Why did you not mention Germany or Japan?
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          Nov 24 2012: Its astounding that you can be st intelligent and well educated and yet have so little a concept of what the USA has done abroad.
        • Nov 24 2012: I agree with russell. Your ignorance of US history abroad is astounding. The US started planning to be the world superpower even prior to its joining WWII because it knew the European powers would burn themselves out leaving a vacuum that the US would nicely slide into. It is an extension to the ridiculous notion of American Exceptionalism which after the end of the cold war began to morph into the American Empire and under George W Bush morphed again into America's interests being above the law, both international and soverign country law.

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