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Why does the American government meddle in everything?

Arrogance and ambition prevents healthy thinking... people have died because of the American government's ambition... however humanity is still silent.

Is there a solution for this?


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    Gail . 50+

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    Nov 24 2012: Military industrial complex (the war machine) and the financiers who finance wars find wars very profitable. These mega corporations are so large that they people of the USA have no voice in world affairs, and even when they think that they do, it's only because Fox news tells its viewers to BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID. They never look behind the headlines at the real problems. As Fox news is the most widely viewed network in the US, this leaves many Americans functionally uneducated.

    You can also add the extremist christian religions to the mix. They cry out BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID. (Most are Fox news viewers). They have a lot of political power in the USA. But let's see what the next election will bring. There is growing consensus in Republican circles that these people (the Tea Party) cost them the most recent election.

    These people who live in fear (that their god is not really in control), are quick to find fault with any person or any nation that is not just like them. They are ready fodder for the military industrial complex. (The USA has changed considerably in the last 20 years thanks to the ascent of the religious fundamentalists of the political right.)
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      Nov 24 2012: I agree completely that the US has changed considerably. According to you, since 1992 there has been an "ascent of the religious fudamentalists of the political right". You include the Tea Party in that sweeping generalization. Can you name the Tea Party candidates who have been elected during this "ascent" of power? Also, can you provide a couple of examples where FOX News has broadcast fraudulent, or false information? I think your dislike for FOX is their choice of which stories to cover, not that they lie or deliberately distort facts. They talk about the Benghazi scandal while the NY Times, Wahington Post and Huffington Post virtually ignore it. The world according to you is decaying because the Christians, the Conservatives, and the Masters of War have all, or most, of the power and the peace-loving, enlightened, well-informed Liberals sit helplessly by watching the inevitable disintegration. That is fantasy. You, sir, could not be more wrong. FACT: During the last 20 years your two Liberal Presidents have ordered military troops into conflict more than the one conservative President. Everything is not the fault of Christians, Conservatives, and FOX news. Don't hold yourself blameless.
      • Nov 24 2012: Taken from RationalWiki...
        A December 2010 University of Maryland study showed Fox News viewers aren't merely the most uninformed, but the most misinformed.

        A November 2011 Fairleigh Dickinson University study found similar results, that people who watched no news were better informed than those who watched Fox News. Fox viewers were much more likely "to believe false information about politics."The study also revealed Fox News fans had a poor grasp of situations in the Middle East.

        Fox News was the first to inform us that Barack Obama is a Muslim sleeper, trained in a radical Islamic madrasa, a co-conspirator of terrorist Bill Ayers, who salutes his wife with a "terrorist fist jab." Fox is still awaiting a Pulitzer for these notable revelations

        Fox invented the technique of showing one thing on the screen while commenting upon the opposite, such as Sean Hannity repeatedly asserting Rudy Giuliani was winning the 2008 Republican debates, while live polls showed Ron Paul winning

        In lieu of sourcing, Fox News uses phrases like "some say…" or "someone asked…" to obscure editorial manipulation and opinion-casting. 'Some' have called it (wink) empty calories of journalism

        Fox News exploits the mathematical illiteracy of the public by using graphs distorted beyond what mere incompetence could explain. In many cases, their figures don't add up and in others, numbers are graphically misrepresented - as people rarely read the numbers when a graph is given.

        In April of 2009, Media Matters began documenting Fox Nation's false and blatantly biased stories. After one year, their laundry list of the most extreme examples contained approximately 350 entries
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          Nov 24 2012: RE: "I agree with russell. . ."
          It's good to see you two agree. Too bad it isn't about something more important than my ignorance of US history abroad. Your slant on things is quite inventive. Profoundly at variance with truth, but inventive. Anything on topic?
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        Nov 25 2012: If you don't know that the Tea Party cost Republicans the senate and the presidency, you are not paying attention. As to your question of who these Tea Party members are that caused the ascent:

        Michelle Bachman is the chair of the Tea Party Caucus. Its members are:
        Sandy Adams, Florida
        Rodney Alexander, Louisiana
        Michele Bachmann, Minnesota, Chair
        Roscoe Bartlett, Maryland
        Joe Barton, Texas
        Gus Bilirakis, Florida
        Rob Bishop, Utah
        Diane Black, Tennessee
        Michael C. Burgess, Texas
        Paul Broun, Georgia
        Dan Burton, Indiana
        John Carter, Texas
        Bill Cassidy, Louisiana
        Howard Coble, North Carolina
        Mike Coffman, Colorado
        Ander Crenshaw, Florida
        John Culberson, Texas
        Jeff Duncan, South Carolina
        Blake Farenthold, Texas
        Stephen Fincher, Tennessee
        John Fleming, Louisiana
        Trent Franks, Arizona
        Phil Gingrey, Georgia
        Louie Gohmert, Texas
        Vicky Hartzler, Missouri
        Wally Herger, California
        Tim Huelskamp, Kansas
        Lynn Jenkins, Kansas
        Steve King, Iowa
        Doug Lamborn, Colorado
        Jeff Landry, Louisiana
        Blaine Luetkemeyer, Missouri
        Kenny Marchant, Texas
        Tom McClintock, California
        David McKinley, West Virginia
        Gary Miller, California
        Mick Mulvaney, South Carolina
        Randy Neugebauer, Texas
        Rich Nugent, Florida
        Steven Palazzo, Mississippi
        Steve Pearce, New Mexico
        Mike Pence, Indiana
        Ted Poe, Texas
        Tom Price, Georgia
        Denny Rehberg, Montana
        Phil Roe, Tennessee
        Dennis Ross, Florida
        Ed Royce, California
        Steve Scalise, Louisiana
        Tim Scott, South Carolina
        Pete Sessions, Texas
        Adrian Smith, Nebraska
        Lamar Smith, Texas
        Cliff Stearns, Florida
        Tim Walberg, Michigan
        Joe Walsh, Illinois
        Allen West, Florida
        Lynn Westmoreland, Georgia
        Joe Wilson, South Carolina

        You may be surprised that I was an original Tea Partier, until it was hijacked by xtians.
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          Nov 25 2012: The data for a conclusive, factual statement about why Obama won yet another term is not yet available. Your opinion is noted as one of many. Thank you for the list of names of people who led "the ascent of the religious fundamentalists of the political right." I wll need to confirm they were all elected with the TP's help (which was my original question). Why is the US always meddling? Is your answer that the TP and the Christians are behind all, or most of, the "meddling"?

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