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The case for cloud-seeding

It is quite evident that most states in the world now conduct cloud seeding.

Cloud seeding is not all that new, in my youth it was common in the apple growing districts to shoot skyrockets above possible hail formations to disrupt the coalsecence of hail stones and reduce their impact on the crops. I believe the active chemical used was silver nitrate.

The more common chemical seen in modern cloud seeding is silver iodide. This nucleates rain drops which then gather electrostatically into cloud.

You will recognise them for their whispy-feathery appearance, which may or may not form into rain clouds - depending on the ambient humidity.

The presence of cloud seeding was first noticed by conspiracy theorists as "chemtrails", agianst which no official refutation was poffered - because no public agreement was sought for the practice.

I can think of some good reasons for cloud seeding - wildfire mittigation, cachement optimisation (water-supply dams) or even mittigation of global warming.

We don't know the justifications because we were not consulted. And the debate was never undertaken.

Let's have the debate now.

To kick it off, i will opose the practice and state as my opening arguement that: cloud seeding is vandalism of the sky.

Please state and argue your case:

For and against.


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    Dec 15 2012: Last thought - read so much science fiction, which used to be a way of getting some hypothesis 'out there' for discussion in the community when the academic/scientific community could not find funding to pursue the research. Plasma linkages possibly correlates with the ideas of 'worm-holes' ie could be used for superfast travel? Some humans end up with neurological deficits that mean the electrical messages do not travel fast enough or travel erratically resulting in spasms and tremors. Not going to get any further into that one as hugely distressing results for those affected. Want to read about the 'plasma discharge' explanation of canals on Mars. As you said if we are due to'get in the way' of some kind of plasma discharge hope our atmosphere has sufficient balance of electrolytes to cope. Also wonder if satellite communications would be knocked out - now that would be a huge blow to global business as it is all conducted electronically these days. Another bonus day for me thank you so much.
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      Dec 15 2012: It's all part of the tower.
      Sometimes fact creates fiction.
      Sometimes fiction creates fact.
      Sometimes it's just an acurate reading of causality.
      Either way, the technologies we base our world on are fragile - and they become more fragile as each new layer is added. It's all part of the tower.
      The last rally big CME fried most of teh telegraph infrastructure in the USA in the 1890's - set telegraph poles on fire etc. I heard that about 100 telegraph poles caught fire in Texas last week - and there were no significant CMEs.
      Satelites are shut-down at high risk times - but it's no protection against a big CME.

      Wormholes .. hmm as I understand it, time and space lines are universal - you can compress them with big masses or high relative velocities but you can't make them cross-over. And why would you want to? Are you not satisfied with your own time and space?
      Perhaps you can astral-project there - if entropy conducts information, there might be a way. But as far as i can tell, the membranes don't like that sort of thing .. I'll have a think on it. Have a look at Rupert Sheldrake - he's also a magnificent nutter, but has some interesting research on strange "clairvoyance" in animals and humans - with some remarkable data on the "sombody is watching me" phenomenon which cannot be explained by normal causality.
      The point I was making is that the Earth is getting more at risk through the ionic changes we are making to the atmosphere - plus the magnetosphere is weakening (it is the thing that deflects this stuff). It's a bit like begging for trouble - or as we said in my home town "cruisin' for a bruisin'".
      Interesting times indeed!
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        Dec 16 2012: Mitch really want to wish you and the family well. Today there was lightening at 5pm and it's London and it's December. It's as plain as the nose on my face something is really wrong with the weather. Yes 'cruisin for a bruisin' and have a child to protect so getting on with it PDQ. Just wasn't expecting it in my lifetime thats all. Wonderful debate. I watch and observe, I always have. I have stopped watching mainstream tv. I am not interested in 'Gangnam style'. I already have a full skill set, I just need to move my loved ones out of harms way. I am so rich, I can read and write and reason. So as Douglas Adams would say 'so long and thanks for all the fish'.
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          Dec 17 2012: Children are more important than people admit.
          They are not frozen into our ways and can adapt.
          The way forward is to let them get on with it.
          I also wish you and your familiy the best.
          Each moment is a lifetime - don't miss it ;)

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