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The case for cloud-seeding

It is quite evident that most states in the world now conduct cloud seeding.

Cloud seeding is not all that new, in my youth it was common in the apple growing districts to shoot skyrockets above possible hail formations to disrupt the coalsecence of hail stones and reduce their impact on the crops. I believe the active chemical used was silver nitrate.

The more common chemical seen in modern cloud seeding is silver iodide. This nucleates rain drops which then gather electrostatically into cloud.

You will recognise them for their whispy-feathery appearance, which may or may not form into rain clouds - depending on the ambient humidity.

The presence of cloud seeding was first noticed by conspiracy theorists as "chemtrails", agianst which no official refutation was poffered - because no public agreement was sought for the practice.

I can think of some good reasons for cloud seeding - wildfire mittigation, cachement optimisation (water-supply dams) or even mittigation of global warming.

We don't know the justifications because we were not consulted. And the debate was never undertaken.

Let's have the debate now.

To kick it off, i will opose the practice and state as my opening arguement that: cloud seeding is vandalism of the sky.

Please state and argue your case:

For and against.


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  • Dec 9 2012: If the condensation were to occur uncontrollably due to the "play against nature" it would be far more counter productive than the benefits.
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      Dec 10 2012: The proof being?

      Are we talking about floods/droughts?

      I can see where such things might be judged as harmful to the community - however, is the community being asked? Are we balancing the need for rain against the need for sunlight? Some crops are hurt by rain at the wrong time, others are benefited, should the food-growers be placed at higher priority to the builders - the growers might like rain, whilse the builders need dry days to progress work.

      How does this kind of thing get balanced?

      Should there be some kind of community weather ombudsman who has a formal process accpeted by the community - or should it just be dictated by the king who withers and who drowns?
      Is it something that can be trusted?

      None of these things have been asked - I would like to see the process either started or the king's authority accepted for better or worse - right now, there is nothing but chaos.

      Don't get me wrong - I love chaos - it is fun and lots of people get killed if they don't see it coming. And that's good for evolution ;)

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