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Should we feel gratitude for our life? To whom?

Gratitude is important feeling in interpersonal relationships. Gratitude encourages giving and giving encourages more gratitude, etc. On the other side, lack of gratitude comes with a sense of "entitlement" - they mutually create each other as well. Lack of gratitude discourages giving and creates a sense that the world "owes us" a living. "We are programmed to receive." Gratitude, in my opinion, offers an exit from that proverbial Hotel California and "programs us to give".

How about our life and other things shown in this video? Religious people usually thank God for these things. The camera shows a standing round of applause at the end of the video. I very much doubt that most people attending TED talks are religious, so the video must have stirred some emotion in believers and non-believers alike.

Do non-believers feel gratitude for these things? If yes, to whom?


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  • Nov 26 2012: Hi Arkady, I personally do believe that we should and can truly feel VERY grateful and that in fact the reaction at the end of our search will be spontaneous overwehlming gratitude. As to Whom? As a believer in the existence of an Absolute....a common tread that permeates us all and everything...that propels our journey of developing consciousness from stone to man...to ultimately realize ourselves as the Absolute .(if God is Absolute, Then what else can we be.) In this journey which God asks Himself the question Who Am I, with the eventual answer I AM GOD.This is only possible in the human form which has fully evolved consciousness (See God Speaks by Meher Baba). The ultimate gratitude is deservingly given to that One (the Friend,Rasool,Christ,Saviour,The Master) who in His compassion helps all humanity and directly assists in the life of the ripe disciple. He will suffer to relieve our burden and unbinds consiousness without damaging it then at the alloted time and by His Grace Awakens the aspirant in Union with God. I believe this in ever increasing certainty as I experience miracle after miracle in my life with my hand in the Masters.Not miracles of the supernatural type, but miracles in inspiration, and selfless kindness that causes the greatest miracle , me becoming less selfish and alivened to surenderance to Him.This against the natural habit of the ego from its development of consciousness during evolution over the eons. Very Grateful To Meher Baba. http://www.meherbabainformation.org/messages/the_call/call.asp

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