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Enables everyone to convert all solid waste into a resource , with out producing GHG emissions

SLK Foundation is a 16 year old reg NGO creating awareness on environmental issues.

This is link of my interview with News9 local news channel of Bangaluru on composting technique.

Composting made easy! 3 Steps in making Indian cities Sujalam, Sulhalam !.

The Indian media blames the govt, municipality, etc etc but
The root cause of problem of garbage is in two of our age old habits;
1. Mixing all waste, and
2. not taking care of our own wet/organic waste in our own backyard....
If all follow these simple 3 composting technique steps, we can solve problem of solid waste management in world without any much capital investments.

Solid waste management in Bangalore, India has become a huge problem that has attracted attention from even NY Times. The villages do not want urban stinking waste to be dumped in their backyard
If anyone from Ted community is interested in this, we can create such programs where we can invite green activists , municipalities and other corporates opinion makers to change perception about solid waste disposal in world
Pankaj Pandit, Founder SLK Foudation

  • Nov 25 2012: Recycling is always a good idea, but if it is to work in Bangalore We can only offer technical help It is their problem reqauiring their solution. A generic school soluttion may be a good point for someone from ther to start.