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Just like an incubator . . . but completely different.

There’s a big question that should be burning a hole in everyone’s head. Never before in history have so many people had so much knowledge and so much technology to make things happen. Yet never in history has the gap rich and poor been so vast and so vicious or the world so chaotic. What’s going on? With all we have, with all we know and with all we can do, why is the world in such a bad way?

I've been thinking that the answer is in how we harness, channel and direct creative energy. Think about this: the traditional structures for putting creativity to work - innovation centres, think tanks, creative agencies . . . are all built on structures designed primarily to generate revenue. Now that’s fine, we love money just as much as anyone else. But the problem is that you end up with a structure designed to do one thing (make money) and use it for something different (build creative change for good).

Now think back to the old artists collective or the studio model. A co-operative model where a group of highly passionate, highly skilled individuals would share a physical space and resources and feed off each others talents, abilities and “networks” to push the creative envelope to place nobody had ever thought of. These were the most creative places in the history of our species. They changed the world. For good.

A Tech Hatchery would use that model to bring creativity into the world of technology and business to change things for good. It’s different to an incubator. It's a way of tapping into an ocean of gifted, talented individuals who are out there beavering away in obscurity, waiting (or not) to be discovered. They’re passionate, they’re unique and they’re amazing. A T.H. would connect these people through an online framework, bringing them together in true communities, sharing physical work / learning / creating spaces, resources and infrastructures. Network? Perhaps. Playground? Absolutely. Think about it.


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  • Nov 23 2012: feyisayo made a good point. Also, having the best and brightest may yield synergy in some cases In others, it doesn't. Mostly at some point the same few very gifted lead. Personally, I am wondering if this isn't a time of little creativity in most areas. I believe in America The brakes seem to be on and there are those who oppose real creativity. Maybe that's not true in some areas of biology no wait stem cells etc. etc.
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      Nov 23 2012: Thanks for your comment George, and Feyisayo did make a very good point.

      I can see things from your perspective, but personally I don't think we're at a time of little creativity in most areas, but rather the opposite. From my POV the challenge is to provide enough support for creativity to thrive in all areas. There are lots of places out there facilitating creativity and positive change which is awesome... But as they say... "the more, the merrier".

      Also the predominant focus needs to shift to value creation for social good first, and money making second. Which I think there is a conscious shift going on, but like anything it happens one step at a time.

      My views on taking a step closer to this shift is in mixing up the way creative people come together, in a more holistic sense. Which is expressed through my proposed project http://www.techhatchery.org - I'd be very interested in hearing your thoughts on this if you get a chance to check it out.

      Thank you.

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