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How do you embrace your creativity?

Creativity can mean something different to everyone.

How do you embrace and express your own creativity? And how would you like to be more creative?


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  • Dec 11 2012: Creativity takes time. From my folks I learned the "big" rock "little" rock concept. When you have to fill a bottle put the big rocks in first. For my folks that meant family first and going to Florida in the winter was next. Whatever it took my folks made it to Florida so they could sail in the Florida Keys for three months. Beg, borrow or steal they made it to Florida for almost 30 years---yet even though they lived below the poverty level, they still managed to have a three month vacation every year; I looked after the farm in upstate New York while they sailed in Florida. It was cheaper to live in Florida than New York because they lived off the ocean for most of their dinners---there are a limited number of ways you can prepare lobster :).

    For me the "big" rock is creativity. I always carve out as much time as possible to be creative (hence the time to contribute on TED.com on a regular basis.). Using seredipipity in college and after college, I simply go where my interests take me then try to publish in the topics where I have spent years researching them. With no genetic footprint i.e. no children, my ideas are my "children" and my "legacy" is on line.
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      Dec 20 2012: "Learn to Live; Live to Learn."
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        Dec 22 2012: Jerry, thanks for replying to my comment below. Sorry, that string had run out, so I put my comment here.

        That's good, that you don't just stick to math. What is the Rives game?

        One way I've found to learn is to call in to talk radio shows. Do you listen to talk radio? They often get great guests, university professors, book authors, heads of organizations. You can learn a lot if you call in and pose a question or make a comment. Plus it's fun to be on the radio.
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          Dec 23 2012: The radio has become rather obsolete...
          The Rives game is described in his talk: Reinventing the encyclopedia game.

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