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How do you embrace your creativity?

Creativity can mean something different to everyone.

How do you embrace and express your own creativity? And how would you like to be more creative?


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  • Nov 24 2012: In my opinion creativity can come from almost all emotions, and all emotions can trigger creativity as well.

    I usually have to do something for something creative to appear in my brain.

    Having a guitar in my hands, will often let me play subconciously, which often ends up as songs/riff f.ex.

    Arguing a case on the spot without giving the subject a single thought on forehand also forces me into creativity (cause i hate to loose an argument, if i feel my argument is at least equally valid to the "opponent"..)

    The most efficient way of boosting my creativity is definitively being around other creative people as much as possible. Proborbly because I am a bit shy..

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