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How do you embrace your creativity?

Creativity can mean something different to everyone.

How do you embrace and express your own creativity? And how would you like to be more creative?


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  • Nov 23 2012: It is so hard to do something new now. I havde thought myself very creative in the past. I've read so many different things - Maybe, I haven't been doing things to unlock my creativity lately, but I believe the world to be more sales oriented now.
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      Nov 23 2012: As a business owner, being creative is financial suicide these days.
      I have literally dozens of great ideas for companies, things that are fun, entertaining, inspirational, novel etc etc, but none of them can be considered feasible because the financial risk is too high.

      For example, with most property you're immediately locked in with a lease, high rents, rates, utilities, need to take out loans with relatively high interest rates etc etc, that your company just HAS TO BE sales/profit oriented, else you legitimately risk going bankrupt.
      Thats why almost every company out there is just a dollar store, takeaway or a chain company, everything else is off-limits, hence no creativity in this particular sector.

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