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Why no Nobel Peace Prize for Stanislav Petrov ? We (all of us) owe him our very lives.

As a cab-driver in a learned, intellectual city, I'm perpetually dumb-struck at the collective ignorance of (quite literally} "The Man Who Saved the World."
I wrote to the Peace Prize Commitee who haven't deigned to respond.
Never heard of him? I could tell you but you wouldn't believe me, best you find out for yourself. Then see if you agree that Mr Petrov should lift the prize, anually, hands down!
P.S. Time is limited, our hero is now 73 years old.

write to: postmaster@nobel.no

Topics: global peace

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    Nov 25 2012: You are welcome Chick and Lejan.

    And yes, I do believe Danish Director, Peter Anthony and his international team are not only making a wonderful film that does justice to Stanislav Petrov's actions but, Anthony is also responsible for getting Stanislav to NY so that he could receive the 2006 UN World Citizen Award and has done much to shed light on Stanislav and help to make his life better. If you go to the Kickstarter project, The Man Who Saved the World, you will be able to see a 6 minute trailer of the Narrative Film to be released in 2013. Looks as if 2013 will be Stanislav's year of acknowledgement....30 years after the fact.

    Cheers, Lori

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