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Why no Nobel Peace Prize for Stanislav Petrov ? We (all of us) owe him our very lives.

As a cab-driver in a learned, intellectual city, I'm perpetually dumb-struck at the collective ignorance of (quite literally} "The Man Who Saved the World."
I wrote to the Peace Prize Commitee who haven't deigned to respond.
Never heard of him? I could tell you but you wouldn't believe me, best you find out for yourself. Then see if you agree that Mr Petrov should lift the prize, anually, hands down!
P.S. Time is limited, our hero is now 73 years old.

write to: postmaster@nobel.no

Topics: global peace

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    Nov 25 2012: FYI Danish Film Director, Peter Anthony @PAnthonyDK and his team are close to releasing a Narrative Film about Colonel Petrov called, The Man Who Saved the World , after almost 8 years of work. The trailer for the film has been released in association with a Kickstarter Project that was launched on Nov. 22nd. For more information you can go to The Man Who Saved the World (Posterous) Blog and get more details there about Stanislav Petrov and the events that were the impetus for the film. Hope this can help those who have never heard of him. (Stanislav was actually asked to address the UN around 2006 where he was also granted an award. He was also asked to meet with Beloved American Anchorman, Walter Cronkite, a meeting that proved to be one of the last of Cronkite's life. Thanks Chick Morgan for starting this discussion I think it is a very valid question..
    • Nov 25 2012: Okay I am learning. This is a good guy and a technician. Think differently Norman Bourlag did not invent the Green Revolution alone Barak Obama was not W. Brave technicians died for their fellow men at Chernobel and if not recently at Japan They took risks There were no whistle blowers at Challenger In fact, The incredible Richards Fineman was the mechinism that the truh most easily reached the rest of us. It seems that the Colonel paid a price for his actions. We have a man who has had to fight in NNASA to advance the understanding of global warming. Give the Colonel a Nobel Peace Prize for being a certain kind of honorable man. Few alive can ever be Solzinitzen or Gandhi. A slightly special guy who comes through in special circumstances. This is certainly as deserving as the EEC. Norwegian parliament Listen to this Good idea.
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      Nov 25 2012: The Danish are well known to be good narrators. I am looking forward to this film. Thanks again for letting us know about it!

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