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Should Israel go all out?

Israel clearly exists as a nation on the basis of its claim to have been given its traditional land borders by the revelation of the one true God. Compromise therefore doesn't make sense. "In for a penny, in for a pound." Should Israel just chuck in its tiptoeing around the various international and Arab demands, take its original borders, and let its very existence rest on the promise of God? To me, this is the only rational option, given the very identity of the Jewish people. What say you?


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  • Dec 2 2012: My God, Roger. You ought to get out more, son ! "All out" ? aka genocide, right? Thermo-nuclear variety or a more conventional approach? The Israelis would need a load of ammunition, if the latter option was chosen.
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      Dec 2 2012: You know, Chick, that you just opened my eyes to why a lot of people were hostile to my post. You're right, I'm naive. But not because I'm suggesting genocide! That is unthinkable to me. What I mean by "going all out" is having Israel win militarily the full extent of their original historical borders as outlined in their ethnic texts--what is also known as the Judeo-Christian scriptures today. You don't have to have genocide to win territory--did they kill all the Palestinians to win their present borders?

      But again, I'm ASKING in order to stimulate lively conversation, NOT suggesting or endorsing anything...

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