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Should Israel go all out?

Israel clearly exists as a nation on the basis of its claim to have been given its traditional land borders by the revelation of the one true God. Compromise therefore doesn't make sense. "In for a penny, in for a pound." Should Israel just chuck in its tiptoeing around the various international and Arab demands, take its original borders, and let its very existence rest on the promise of God? To me, this is the only rational option, given the very identity of the Jewish people. What say you?


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    Nov 25 2012: People who believe these fairy tales and promote war because of them freak me out.

    Some times its hard to believe we are in the 21st century.
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      Nov 25 2012: Whether you like it or not, I believe that Israel is acting on this ethinic and religious mandate in the innermost of its government. Perhaps the word for this is Zionist-- frankly, I don't know much detail about the whole thing. I just have good gut feelings, and I feel Israel is trying to reclaim all the borders of its scriptural promise...

      I personally will not endorse or condemn this. I don't have authority to speak. I'm just throwing out considerations for reasoning people.

      Nor do I think that labeling anyone "nut" does any good among reasoning people, no matter how unreasonable you think your other side is. Using derogatory words is a sign that you are either too lazy to seek out the human level of your opponent (and there is ALWAYS a human level), or you are just a species of that which you are calling your opponent.
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        Nov 26 2012: I'm not privy to the internal workings or motivations of the most powerful people in Israel.

        Who are the key movers and shakers in your view, why do you think their drivers relate to particular superstitious religious beliefs and not more pragmatic concerns about the safety of their citizens and winning the coming election? Any evidence to support your view.

        My understanding of Judaism, Israel, and it’s government is that there are many different religious and political factions. In Judaism you have atheist Jews through to fundamentalist Jews, even Christian Jews.

        I guess some are looking at this from a pragmatic political, social, economic and military perspective – a real threat to Israeli citizens via the missiles, to win an election, and determine what is the best course of action based on the natural world. This would include consideration of of the relevant social/political groups with supernatural beliefs.

        Others might believe they have a god given right to all of Israel and see the conflict in some supernatural context. Not just Jews but evangelical Christians.

        “Nut” is your word, not mine.

        RE: "Israel clearly exists as a nation on the basis of its claim to have been given its traditional land borders by the revelation of the one true God. " - It might be my misinterpretation, but I interpreted your your headline comment that Israel has some divine right to exist, which makes you sound like one of the nuts that you allude to, whoever or whatever they are.

        I suggest the modern state of Israel exists because of more mundane reasons. I note Jewish control has been in the minority for the last 4000 years. I also note after centuries of Muslim control Jews were only about 10% of the population at the turn of the 20th century - WW1 and Ottoman collapse, ineffective British occupation, Zionist migration, Western guilt and maybe evangelical motivations and you have one of the biggest mistakes of the 20th century, the formation of 2 states in the Levant.
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          Nov 26 2012: I am prostrate on the floor. I breathe the dust. You clearly know much more than me. I'm glad my trowing this subject out there got some education in the mix.
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        Nov 26 2012: Sarcasm. Hmm. Shame, I was hoping for a mature response, better understanding your view in response to mine, even pointing out where you think my view is wrong and why. Well, never mind.

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