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Should Israel go all out?

Israel clearly exists as a nation on the basis of its claim to have been given its traditional land borders by the revelation of the one true God. Compromise therefore doesn't make sense. "In for a penny, in for a pound." Should Israel just chuck in its tiptoeing around the various international and Arab demands, take its original borders, and let its very existence rest on the promise of God? To me, this is the only rational option, given the very identity of the Jewish people. What say you?


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    Nov 23 2012: If your God does not respect the sanctity of human life, no matter what race, creed, colour, sex or religious persuasion, then he is no God - he's a politician.

    Using the bible as a political manifesto is the reason why religion and politics have both seriously lost their way.
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      Nov 23 2012: Again I'm not espousing anything in particular but perhaps from a strictly rational perspective, you are also guilty of an artificial compartmentalization of human nature-- if human nature is to be treated with integrity, should not all its aspects (religion AND politics) be holistically, and not separately considered?

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