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Debate: Technology will eliminate the need for human employees, and the unemployment rate will increase.

Technology is an easier and faster way to get a job done. It is obvious that technology increases the profitability of companies throughout the world. So why would I hire a human rather than purchasing the technology when the costs of them are the same?

Discuss the situation where you are going to choose one of them with equal conditions (conditions means the costs and several types of expenses).


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    Nov 24 2012: This is a confusing question to me. I believe it's commonly agreed that technology does some jobs well, and human beings do some well. A calculator can add up some figures for you, but it cannot tell you what to do with the figures, only a human being can make that decision.
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      Nov 25 2012: Let me ask you: If we can make mathematical calculations by ourselves, why we use calculators??
      I have my answer to this question: Human being do not stop to find easier and much more easier ways to live, even we see that these easier ways pollute our environment. We do not care about future as much as we should.
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        Nov 29 2012: Well, I guess the mathematical calculations are so complex that it would take us huge amounts of time to do them by hand. The calculator can do them faster.

        By the way, Charlize, how do you do math when you do it? By yourself, or with calculator?

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