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What is the reason for a) The growing attendance of dubstep/trance concerts in America and, b) The increased practice of yoga in America?

I don't want to fully explain myself, but does anyone feel that they are at all related, especially in younger cohorts?

Is a system based on independence a paradox?

Are yoga and dubstep concerts, among other things, remedies to the pathological cultural obsession with independence?

Are dubstep concerts the modern equivalent of Dionysian mystery cults? I would say YES!


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    Nov 21 2012: I don't mean the use of ecstasy, I mean the anonymity and sense of being part of a bigger organic being.

    In terms of the american dream I meant more the feeling that anyone can be anything without the help of anybody else. It was a pretty poor use of the term.
    • Nov 22 2012: Sad to say, but in europe we had this episode of rave concerts and orientation back to nature (organic, yoga, alternative forms of energy), but what followed was even worse than what we had before.

      So if history repeats (what it does, place does not matter), it might be an indicator for bad times coming, even worse than today. Will not last long (rave is dead in Europe, even the organic movement and the other tree hugging extremists are taking their last breaths already), but if that happens at the wrong time, it could destroy a lot.

      Such spiritual orientated nonsense happens when the reality is the complete opposite, because from dreaming and dancing you wont get fed, and if people do not really stick together and move something, but instead just move their bodies alone side by side (what a rave is, dancing together, but alone for yourself-not to compare with classical dance, but with self-hypnosis done by religious cults), there cant be any change to the better.

      In good times, the number of people seeking "oneness" is almost zero. Also nobody needs yoga, because the daily life is pretty relaxed and balanced, so no need for a cure, when there is no illness.
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        Nov 26 2012: Claiming causality between the emergence of raves and "bad times coming" is a far fetched claim.

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