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What is the reason for a) The growing attendance of dubstep/trance concerts in America and, b) The increased practice of yoga in America?

I don't want to fully explain myself, but does anyone feel that they are at all related, especially in younger cohorts?

Is a system based on independence a paradox?

Are yoga and dubstep concerts, among other things, remedies to the pathological cultural obsession with independence?

Are dubstep concerts the modern equivalent of Dionysian mystery cults? I would say YES!


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  • Nov 21 2012: What makes you think these two seemingly independent events are related?
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      Nov 21 2012: I get a general feeling that the public is beginning to react, whether it be consciously or subconsciously, to the bastardization of independence and for the first time actually realize, on a large scale, the outdatedness of "the American Dream". Both yoga and a rave sort of environment strongly promote oneness, granted both in entirely different ways. I'm not totally sure if I can adequately express this "general feeling" I have. Thoughts?
      • Nov 21 2012: when you talk about the "oneness" in a rave environment, i assume what you really mean is the use of ecstasy?

        And, i still dont understand how this environment of oneness conflicts with the concept of the american dream?
        How do you define the american dream?

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