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The internet has bonded the world, redefining the limitations of our society.

Until now we never have never been this connection with the world (thought we are still somewhat limited). Does this alter the viability of seemingly illogical systems in our society such as anarchism? Considering that the basic infrastructure of what is needed for the economy continues, I guess what I am asking is do we really need Government? And if so should we be heading towards self-sufficiency.

Just a thought... the structure of our society is formed through government, such as the veins and bones in a body (bones being laws/regulations and veins being the economic/health “assistance”), but what if the government is removed; does that mean society will collapse (turn into a non-functioning blob)? Or is does the temporary existence of governmental structure the body long enough to train the “body to keep its shape”?

  • Nov 21 2012: There are a lot of people who can't live without proper guidance in society.
    I don't think that nowadays world wide web can solve all the major problems of human social activities.
  • Nov 22 2012: There are no limitations. Society is unlimited.
  • Nov 22 2012: Yes, now we are all EARTHLINGS.
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    Nov 21 2012: Governments are meant to provide leadership and to maintain law and order in societies. So, the government is very well connected with the governed. Each society has its own peculiar challenges. The needs of the residents of Mumbai would be different in detail from the needs of the residents of Toronto, even though someone in India can communicate via the internet with someone in Canada.

    Governments can not be replaced by technology; even the so-called 'alternatives to governments' are a form of governments. Whether they would work or not is another issue.
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      Nov 21 2012: Anarchy and its subsets are defined by not containing any from of government.
      And if you think about it leadership is outdated when everyone can speak for themselves.
      Also law and order can be maintained and without government. The communication means that the whole world is aware of everyone else, they are connected economically and somewhat personally.
      What is a flaw ion anarchism?
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    Gail .

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    Nov 21 2012: If we were to move toward RATIONAL anarchy, rather than anarchy, we could exist without governments, but cooperation would be essential and consensus would be valued.

    Rational anarchy is VERY logical. One could argue that our society is an anarchy of sorts because it is so irrational and harmful to so many.

    I don't think that the Internet will bring us to this alone. Its value isn't appreciated by most of the world.
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      Nov 21 2012: It seems a little vauge, more like a philosophy then a political system
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    Nov 21 2012: if you are interested in stateless society, i recommend to research the works of the late murray rothbard, or two contemporaries, bob murphy and walter block. they claim that the functions of governments can all be provided by private organizations and freely cooperating individuals. we don't even need the internet to do so, but it certainly helps.