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What is the scope of subtle racism in America today?

I just came back from seeing the film "Lincoln" in the movie theater today. In the movie previews before the feature, I saw a trailer on the hunt for and killing of Osama Bin Laden-- for the movie "Zero Dark Thirty." I noticed how there was no feature of President Obama whatsoever in the film trailer, much less a prominent feature, as he is entitled to have, given his pivotal role in the feat. I intuitively realize this is a form of subtle racism, as some "military people" don't like the idea of an African American commander in chief.

Is my intuition right? What are the forms of subtle racism in America today?


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    Nov 24 2012: What subtle racism? The administration is openly asking for it. It has declared class warfare, and brough racial issues back to the front line as a effort to further divide America. Like a magician if I direct your attention elsewhere I can continue to amaze you.

    If you think that racism is the biggest issue facing America today then you have drank way to much koolade. By redirecting our attention the economy was never a real issue in the debates. The very fact that the Constitution and federal laws clearly outline the action that needs support was totally ignored in order to garner votes is sickening. If you do not consider pandering for votes unethical then what is?

    The military, like all federal agencies, are concerned about one thing .... budget. If you read anything else into that trailer then you are being mislead, in my opinion. I doubt that history will now refer to president as white Washington and black Obama. I would hope that history would say president Washington and president Obama.

    Don't concern yourself with giving credit to Obama .... he made it a political battle cry that HE killed Osama.


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