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What is the scope of subtle racism in America today?

I just came back from seeing the film "Lincoln" in the movie theater today. In the movie previews before the feature, I saw a trailer on the hunt for and killing of Osama Bin Laden-- for the movie "Zero Dark Thirty." I noticed how there was no feature of President Obama whatsoever in the film trailer, much less a prominent feature, as he is entitled to have, given his pivotal role in the feat. I intuitively realize this is a form of subtle racism, as some "military people" don't like the idea of an African American commander in chief.

Is my intuition right? What are the forms of subtle racism in America today?


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    Nov 21 2012: racism is alive and well. In every newspaper,and magazine and religion...white is pure and good and black is primarily evil. Every classroom is filled with europeans as having discovered everything regardless of who they discovered it from being ommitted. The end result to all this bias is that every minority warns its children about this slander,as if whites all knowingly aided in this form of veiw. Most of us are perpetrators,not the designers. lWhat is truly sad is that each culture has something to give the other...but this fabricated division blocks the exchange. What is interesting to note is as culture is more heavily manipulated by banks and marketing,soon everyone will experience the same removal of personal reality...Many kids are oblivious to needing meaning and function happily competing in the group,not seeing signs of racism because their history is now european...so they dont feel denied status...I have yet to talk to this group later in life to see if this is still their optomistic veiw..Bless anyone who can survive this mess

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