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Sharing a film about Muruganandam Arunachalam's invention.

"Rags to Pads" is a 3min film (
about an Indian inventor, Mr. Muruganandam Arunachalam, who revolutionized sanitary napkin making. This inspiring story of a man who wore a sanitary pad to make women's hygiene products accesible in India has now been selected as a semi-finalist in the prestigious "Focus Forward Filmmaker Competition" that showcases innovators across the world. I seek your help to spread the word about this remarkable man who has made talking about menstrual hygiene cool and acceptable in parts of the world were this is completely taboo.

His innovation has helped women make and use hygienic products to manage periods. There are many others like him who are doing similar work in small rural pockets. But Women like Indumathy (in the film) are the most important people who not only take the pads to the doorsteps of other women but also educate and raise awareness about health issues. In doing so they are improving the health of women and in turn their entire families and their communities. It is these foot soldiers who often go unthanked. I hope my film did a bit more justice in acknowledging them as well.

This problem is not unique to India but one that is prevalent all over the developing world. Every set of eyeballs we get to see this video, we are that much closer to creating an awareness about this issue dogging women in the developing world. Please watch, vote and share this video with your network.

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    Nov 28 2012: Chithra, I applaud Mr Arunachalam's enthusiasm for a noble and important cause. Very motivating and inspiring story!
  • Nov 23 2012: This talk is outstanding. Persistence makes the world a better place. Also, I have never thought about arrainged marriages and the need to impress one's contracted wife. Anyway, our hero did well , and I hope everyone appreciates his work.