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Will America fall like Rome?

As we all are aware of Rome was the global trade network of the world thousands of years ago. It can also be debated that America is a prominent trade network ,today in comparison to other countries. Is it a matter of time before America falls as Rome did?


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  • Nov 29 2012: The game has changed since Rome. It used to be all about military, economic, and technological might.
    Now it is more about individual and "collective" brainpower, creativity, and initiative .
    With globalization and the internet these qualities are beginning to span national boundaries as people
    connect and collaborate irrespective of national boundaries - so it is not so much a case of America falling as
    it is the rest of the world rising, particularly China.
    In terms of individual brainpower, perhaps measured by graduate science/technology degrees, the US is behind China and makes up for it to some extent with immigration.
    In terms of "collective" brainpower, creativity, and initiative the US is ahead of China which censors the internet.
    As a test of this premise I would like to hear your TED story about
    how you somehow connected with someone from mainland China?.

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