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Will America fall like Rome?

As we all are aware of Rome was the global trade network of the world thousands of years ago. It can also be debated that America is a prominent trade network ,today in comparison to other countries. Is it a matter of time before America falls as Rome did?


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    Gail . 50+

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    Nov 21 2012: Cities and countries throughout the ages have always followed the 2nd law of thermodynamics. They rise, they fall. They may keep the same name, but they change so fundamentally that they are not the same country.

    Here is an interesting talk about the decline.


    But times, they are a-changin'. Never before in recorded history have humans known so much about how life works as we now know. I am convinced that we are on the brink of making nationalism (oppressive governments - either on a national or global scale) obsolete. I see this as a GOOD thing, not a bad thing.

    It probably won't occur until the economy fails, as it is almost certain to do in the near future. It is unsustainable in its present mode. Then religions will fail alongside it and we can start again with a more sustainable way of life.
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      Nov 21 2012: My advise would be to ignore this bizarre talk by Jared Diamond

      His data is cherry picked and does not mention any major societies. He does not show any data just conjecture based on the cherry picked data. This is junk science with an agenda.

      He says there is none of the factors are more important than the others. This is by definition unscientific.

      No mention of the importance of the rule of law, private property, debt, the importance of the scientific method, trade and exchange, etc etc

      Like I said bizarre
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        Nov 22 2012: It may seem bizarre to your agenda, Pat, but your comment gives an involuntary but good example of how lobbyism works beyond the point of the 'ignoring phase'. It launches the 'insulting phase' ... :o)

        Jared Diamond's talk is only bizarre to those who refuse to see the 'bigger picture'. To those who deny the finiteness of resources on which our 'system' crucially and exclusively depends on. And to those who choose to remain ignorant against common sense.

        To ask scientific data for the obvious is not only useless it is a dangerous delaying tactic in this context!
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          Nov 22 2012: What are we on the verge of running out of?

          How is asking for scientific data useless? At the very least what is most important about what needs to change?
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        Nov 22 2012: 'What are we on the verge of running out of?'

        Thank you Pat for another good example, as this sort of question is exactly the 'dangerour' of the delaying tactic I was talking about.
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        Nov 22 2012: Thanks, I have one ... :o)

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