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Will America fall like Rome?

As we all are aware of Rome was the global trade network of the world thousands of years ago. It can also be debated that America is a prominent trade network ,today in comparison to other countries. Is it a matter of time before America falls as Rome did?


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    Nov 21 2012: It will fall, the image is that Rome fell slowly but this is a metaphor. I would look at how the USSR broke up or Argentina. It will probably happen quickly the reason for all is economic. The USSR who's source of income was imperialism, the U.S. and Argentina and the UK because of debt caused by socialism.

    Everything has a cycle a beginning, growth and an end including countries I would look at this video to understand the economics of this process.

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      Nov 21 2012: Yes, I totally agree.

      The strength of the USA is the S part.

      I believe that if the states are granted the opportunity to determine the field of competition - this is the only way for them to realise their full capacity.

      Look at the states now?

      At one time, I was in awe of the states - i promoted the idea of Australia petitioning to join the union.

      But lately, I'm glad we didn't .. the personality media based federalism in the USA seems to have wrecked the dream.

      So I fully support the secessionist movement that kicked off after the US election. But the petitionists will have to be aware that to get true independence, and a chance to compete freely - not only must they Secede from the union - they will also need to secede from th Corporation of the USA.

      Only then will the states be clear to max-out.

      GO Yanks!

      (edit: P.S. - did you get the email from Obama? I did, and I haven't read such a vacuous meaningles document in all my days. His assertions ar hollow - he talks about energy independence, but hidden in there is his lack of will to allow the American people get on with it - he wants to get the applause for it all!)
      • Nov 21 2012: Actually Mitch,
        I think the real strength of the U.S. is the us part.
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          Nov 21 2012: hmmm .. "us" can mean a lot of things.If you mean "harmony" then I think you are right. But at the state level the original spirit of close aliegence is being hijacked to assume a harmony without consent.
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        Nov 21 2012: Mitch

        Federalism mean a division of power between the states and the Fed. What we have now is all of the power going to a central government which is unconstitutional through agencies and czars under the Executive branch. Federalism is a good thing in this instance. Other wise yes secession is a constitutional right of the states. Except Lincoln violated the Constitution and began the decent into a central power that we have today. The only problem with corporation is when they are subsidized by government.


        The us is not what it used to be and is easily manipulated. Imo this is due to a culture of entitlement instead of freedom. Anyway the way to get this back is though decentralization which mean shrink government and government spending.
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          Nov 21 2012: Hi Pat,
          "culture of entitlement instead of freedom" - spot-on!

          I often bang-on about perception and agency and all that guff - but the whole thing revolves around "advantage". If anything living - from bacteria to humans does not obtain advantage, it is toast.
          Our whole organism-base operates to get a thing we call "freedom" .. you could say "options" .. this is not so much teh variety of things in a shop, but the options one has open to get on with being alive. this freedom includes a range of advantage and disadvantage. Any sane person will normally choose the advantage, and only choose a small disadvantage in order to gain future advantage - and that includes getting along with other people. No one will choose a disadvantage that leads to no freedom at all.
          But there are our "governments" trying to force all these choices on us - removing our freedom.

          Yes, I am not in favour of blank welfare to individuals or companies. If there is a need for spreading risk, then it would work better as a development grant. But there had better be a strong case for returns.
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      Nov 21 2012: You are being overly pessimistic Pat. I have a feeling that life will go on like it used to. Do not give in to the pessimism and keep in mind that somebody wants you to feel like that, and has a reason in it.
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        Nov 21 2012: Keep in mind that emotion has nothing to do with what I'm saying. Your profile says you are an investor, how much conjecture is there in economics?
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          Nov 21 2012: Markets are strange beasts. You know what to do when everybody starts talking about the end of the world, don't you?
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        Nov 21 2012: Yea but would you invest in a start up in Greece right now? One in the U.S. where healthcare was an impending issue because the business is a service that is heavily dependent on labor?

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